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Re: Some new Yescarta data

Zuma-7 (2nd line) use is going to take some time.  Initial enrollment was Dec 2017.   350 Patients.   The good thing is the Yescarta cohort data is going to come sooner than the other cohort where they go through typical 2nd line chemo and then Yescarta treatment if they relapse.  The second cohort should have known historical KM curves. 18 months later and they are still enrolling.  175 Yescarta patients is a lot for their clinical lab on top of other trials. Actual Zuma-7 results comparing the two cohorts is going to take a while just because the design of the trial.
Kymriah's lack of sales is more about the limited population of pediatric ALL.  Yescarta's DLBCL label has far more patients available to treat.  Although Kymriah is also indicated for DLBCL, it appears they are taking little market share because most of the sites have been using Yescarta longer and it has a shorter turnaround and less manufacturing issues.
Many analysts correctly predicted many of the hurdles in rollout.  But the enthusiasm out in the real world is clear.   By the way, liso-cel is absolutely going to be approved.  Why would it not?  It has similar efficacy and reduced side effects allowing for outpatient treatment.

Great news that Car-T manufacturing is going global...

El Segundo, CA (currently sole commercial provider; LAX adjacent)
Santa Monica, CA (clinical trials)


Urbana, MD (East coast manufacturing facility)
Gaithersburg, MD (to support Rosenberg TCR CRADA) 
Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Japan (Daiichi Sankyo has license to territory) 
China (Fosun Pharma partnership)

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