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 I was surprised as anyone by the nash disappointment. However, I shouldn't have been as i've been reading the scientific literature.
There were several articles explaining the problems (toxicity) that selonsertib and similar based compounds were showing and analyzing the alternative companies that gild might consider acquiring and why it would be necessary.
Somone said had Gild a full house of winning forthcoming drugs it could hit 150 and that probably was so.  I suspect the price has been in the dumps because this was not unexpected.
 Anyhow the point is that this isn't really a surprise what is surprising is that all these guys who are able to investigate this stuff full time were continuing to predict a possible success at this time. Seriously?
Not to jinx it, but positive sentiment seems to be floating around filgotnib and so i am hoping it is succesful and does something for the stock price. 
as to which way they follow up on nash treatments is tricky. But with their experience they should be able to get maximum value out of any company they team up with in this area.
I personally would like to see some simple base hits. Just add on products that bring in revenue, doesn;t always have to be a miracle cure.
Anyhow a new day is coming. :-) 

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