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Re:@maxen: Bhutan->Easyfive-Panacea Biotec

For the test, drugs or vaccines with different combinations of constituents are mixed and the samples are identified using codes. The code of the Penatvalent used in Bhutan was EasyFive a trade name used by Panacae Biotec, India. Each vial of vaccine has an identifier encoded in the barcode. Since different combinations are used, some of which are placebo, different receipient get different symptoms. Some are not given any treatment. When the dose is completed in an area, epidemic is spread. After the epidemic like the recent H1N1 swine flue epidemic, recipients susceptible to disease are noted and compared against the dose they received. After the tests are successfully carried out, the drugs with best results are replicated and sold in developed countries, which have reliable techniques to test and verify drugs. These selected drugs are usually a bit expensive.
Easy five, the Pentavalent received by Bhutan was the product of Panacea Biotech Ltd in New Delhi. The company must not be waiting with fingers crossed for the lab results. The government seems seriously evaluating the pros and cons of the report and its release. When the lab result is still in the file and peoples eyes are focused on it, there was a distraction. Bhutan received a dozen ultra sophisticated ambulances from New Delhi as gift with promises of some more such gifts soon.
Global alliance for vaccines and immunization (GAVI), an alliance of government, UN agencies, vaccine makers and charities was formed in 2000 AD with a globally appreciated altruistic motive. The motive was to provide life saving vaccines at subsidized cost to people in poor countries. Three prong approaches were adopted to fulfill the noble mission. Firstly, it was to raise awareness among people in the poor countries to make them seek the vaccines and increase the demands. Secondly, it was to encourage more vaccine makers to get into competition. Lastly and subsequently, it was to reduce the cost of vaccines.
The public private partnership, GAVI, based in Geneva was set up with a seed fund of US$ 750 million from Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation. When it began in 2000, there was only one company producing Pentavalent. Today there are at least four companies reaping profits from the alliance. The price has come down from $3.65 to $ 3.0 per dose, and profit swollen to 10 digits.
Two Indian vaccines makers, Shantha Biotechnics Ltd acquired by French drug maker Sonofi Aventis SA, and Panacae Biotech limited joined the competition in 2008. Two more Indian companies, Serum Institute of India Ltd and Bharat Biotech International Ltd are knocking at the door of World Health Organization (WHO) for pre-qualification approval. Unicef buys drugs from companies which have pre-qualification approval from WHO. Unicef then gives to GAVI, which in turn supplies to member countries at subsidized rates. The vaccine is supplied to 72 countries chosen on the basis of their low economic standards.


The trade name of the pentavalent vaccine used in Bhutan is Easyfive and is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company based in New Delhi, Panacea Biotec Ltd. The manufacturers of pentavalent vaccines for countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are different said health officials.

Figure 42: Fully liquid pentavalent players

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