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Re: Up 1.20 AH

BO ........ IMO a very confused market many 2nd guessing what the FED may or may not do. However J.P. has been clear ; WE ARE INCREASING RATES and want to see job growth dwindle. Perhaps the old Phillips Curve idea ? Which I think is invalid. Much confusing data in the mkt.

IMO inflation should pay attention to some type of a basket of consumer commodities, using some type of weighted average and include certain metals, copper is used in many many places as are other metals, and should be weighted appropriately and included in the equation. IMO there is a mathematical way to monitor inflation more realistically. However above my pay grade. But I would be willing to help them determine a more correct method of monitoring real inflation. Also much of this is ALL DUE TO BIDENS BANKRUPT OIL PROGRAM. Oil goes up it effects everything. Just think the farmer our food products ; costs the farmer more to plow, plant, harvest and transport. And by the time it goes thru all the middle hands in between ; Result cost consumer (US) more.

I don't think the job numbers are very clear and or correct. One thing they don't report how many persons are taking on a second job. And how does that truly reflect REAL JOB numbers ?

Other data ; credit debit climbing some persons pulling money from 401 k early to make ends meet. Shopping for groceries changing to lower cost stores and generic grocery brands as opposed to name brands.

IMO planned by Biden Admin. to get persons to pull money from retirement plans early and pay the penalty. I read an article last year about that idea. It was something along the lines of how Biden plans to get his hands on more of your retirement money. They know there is much retirement money out there and THEY THE GOV. WANT AS MUCH OF IT AS THEY CAN GET.

Money Power and Greed as opposed to growth and stability.

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