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Re: In Review... Walk .. river

"...Read what you want, say what you will...."

OK, I will posit my personal opinion.....which really has nothing to do with the nuts and bolts of running a company.

I am an unapologetic pro Will Lewis fan. In my opinion, Insmed has survived due to his tenure at Insmed. Again, in my opinion, Insmed would not have already been bought out if not for his astuteness to raise funds.

Here is a historical glimpse surrounding the hiring of Mr. Lewis.

1) December 2, 2010......Insmed acquires Transave

2) March 3, 2011.......Insmed does a 1-10 reverse split

3) August 2, 2011.......Arikayce is put on clinical hold for Phase 3

4) September 12, 2012.......Insmed hires Will Lewis as President/CEO

Go back and look over the stock activity and price from December 2010 -- October 2012. I believe the hiring of Mr. Lewis gave credibility to raising funds. He has done several revenue raises over the last 8 years, but in my opinion only, I actually think part of the reason was to act as a quasi poison pill.

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