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To conclude...

Duration of treatment
o Patients that culture convert
 Have always seen recurrence in NTM MAC patients
 Patients get better with treatment regimens; then once they
stop treatment, the disease comes back for a period of time
 He thinks it would be useful to treat patients with Arikayce
once a week or one week every month to prevent the
disease from coming back after culture conversion. The
reason for this is patients will still have the scarring of the
lungs, making them susceptible to recurrence. There is no
such thing as a ‘cure’ of NTM MAC
 Coughing blood is usually the first symptom to go away
 For patients that do see culture conversion, he expects they will be
on treatment a total of 12-18 months
Patients that do not culture convert
 As long as they are not having side effects, he will keep using
Arikayce (even if not culture converting; he thinks patients will still
see small benefits)
 He is hoping the company releases data on chronic
 He does not expect payors will push back on chronic treatment

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