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Re: Question.......


Oh, to be sure, the EU references raised my eyebrows somewhat.....but we just got back from 2 weeks to Colorado and I am slow in getting in gear......8-)

Did you notice the newest posting that showed up today?

Executive Director, Talent Acquisition

Here's a couple qualification bullet points

--Bachelor's degree or 10 years of relevant experience required.
--Minimum of 12 years of experience in Talent Acquisition.
--A minimum 6+ years in the biotech/pharma sector.

I have noticed Rook falling down on the job of posting job information. Actually, I'm kidding Rook. I think I am one of only a few excited about the job opportunities at Insmed. Most people here just want a buyout.

Speaking of Colorado.......we were out there, in addition to vacation and visiting with daughter and husband, for a fundraiser for a non-profit that our daughter is Executive Director. They also celebrated ten years of our daughter being there. A proud moment happened for my wife and I when a proclamation was issued by the mayor of Denver to make May 18th Lisa ****** Day in Denver........8-)

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