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Re: Genentech and Tercica question

ROOK....and IOU. I don't know if the following is what you are both alluding to.....or if it helps......but here is something I located in the archives from 2007........8-)

"The jury verdict ordered Insmed to pay $7.5 million and 15% royalties for damages pertaining to IPLEX past sales of up to $100 million, and 20% royalties for IPLEX past sales greater than $100 million.

Genentech and Tercica have now resolved their litigation against Insmed in both the US and the UK in a settlement of the patent infringement and unfair business practices suits brought against Insmed.

In parallel, the companies announced that they have entered a license and development agreement in order to end the dispute, while Tercica and Genentech have waived the damages awarded by the jury in the US patent infringement litigation.

Under the terms of the settlement, Insmed will no longer provide Iplex to patients with severe Primary IGF-1 deficiency and other short stature indications and will withdraw its Iplex marketing application in the EU. Insmed will have freedom regarding manufacture, development and commercialisation of the drug for certain non-short stature indications, subject to opt-in rights and royalty provisions for Tercica and Genentech, the companies said.

Furthermore, the parties will form a joint-development committee to guide the development and commercialization of Iplex in non-Tercica/Genentech indications. The Settlement, License and Development Agreement is in effect until the later of 2018 or the expiration of any subsequent Tercica/Genentech issued patents that cover IPLEX or its indications."

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