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Re: Question about Vascepa mechanism

Thanks, ex_hacker.... I did manage to find a Youtube video that droned on about REDUCE_IT results for about 30 minutes but included a very short bit on proposed mechanism in a part where they also tried to explain why DHA confounds the action of EPA. Still not at all clear to me how EPA gets through the new-growth endothelium that has locked the plaque into the artery wall.
I had pretty extensive labwork done a month ago, which included a half-dozen inflammation markers, but no Lp-PLA2. Is that something that can be ordered from, say, Labcorp? 
I think I'd like to get a prescription for Vascepa, but I'm afraid I'm not unhealthy enough. Pretty stupid restrictions - if you ask me - given Vascepa's safety profile. I've got high LDL, but fairly normal TGL's. Next bloodwork I get done will include LDL particle size, so I'll have a better idea if it's something to worry about.
I have to say when I read the part about REDUCE_IT being a "false-positive study", my reaction was "good grief, not again". I still can't believe that they didn't use a better placebo. Of course, the company has no interest in running a new study.
I wouldn't mind seeing the FDA fund a new study which would include Vascepa, but would also have at least an arm of people not on statins. 

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