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Re: Questions re generic IPE vs brand Vascepa

  Without having Hikma caps in my hands I can't really answer the question - but if the guy on Youtube is correct that they smell fishy that worries me, that means they're oxidized. Something not discussed by anyone is that AMRN itself may have a tolerance for EPA content of their capsules - over the last two years my serum EPA levels have dropped from 7.2% to 5.5%, and I believe they're even lower now, some of my systemic inflammation has returned. I switched from the 1 g caps to the 0.5 g caps in the summer of 2019, ~ 1 1/2 yrs ago - there may be more variability in EPA content of the 0.5 g caps? Of course I can't rule out that for some mysterious reason my body is not absorbing EPA as well as it used to - but the return of the inflammation this year about 3 months ago occurred over a span of only two weeks when my weight shot up by 10 lbs and some dry eye symptoms returned. Seeing my doc for an annual physical next week but I really have no clue what tests to ask him to run to check why inflammation is up and EPA absorption is down. I was at the same weight +/- 2 lbs for over 5 yrs, so this sudden change is quite abnormal - and weight gain was so fast it had to be inflammatory water weight, on one day I gained 2.4 lbs, that can't happen from eating too much, and I don't eat much food to start with.
The question of whether I would take GV is "not if I don't have to" - but that's 100% because I've been researching the MOA of EPA for 7 yrs and done a ton of research on systemic inflammation due to chronic health problems - I probably know more about V than 99% of the patients that take it. I don't have a problem taking generic drugs in general because they don't have such noticeable side effects as V - the good kind - when a 30 yr case of DES and chronic lower back pain disappear 3 wks after starting a new drug you take notice because it's literally life changing.

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