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Re: if Biden and Harris win America gets what it deserves

  Cheap, you sound like a crazy person. You've fallen for every con.
What is that you value, anyway?  From your list of grievances I surmise:
- You value hard work and the benefits that come with it.  However, therein is the assumption that the majority of Americans don't work hard and want something for nothing.  The reality is that most work as hard as anyone ever did and can't make enough to have a decent (above the poverty line, middle class) living. You've fallen for the con of the wealthy, which is that this system works for them, but for not an increasing number of people.  Who do you believe actually knows what a hard day of work actually looks like, Biden or Trump?
- You want America to have a strong presence in the world that can stand up to bullies.  What has Trump done on that front?  He is clearly pals with and admires Putin, he writes love letters to Kim Jung Un, he pulled out of the Iran Nuclear deal and that situation only gets worse.  Trump disparages his military and dodged the draft.  Who do you really think is a stronger leader, Biden or Trump?
- You want Law and Order and you think the BLM movement is really a domestic terrorist organization.  All of this chaos you are seeing is happening on Trump's watch.  No one else's.  Back when America was supposedly great, leaders said things like, "The Buck Stops Here!" Not with Trump.  He's never at fault, right?  BLM - All lives cannot matter until black lives ALSO matter.  It's as simple as that. I'm glad you have a few black friends, but you should know by now that having a black friend doesn't mean you're not a racist.  I'm assuming you believe in the constitution, which allows for freedom of speech, which includes peaceful protest.  There's a difference between a protester and a rioter.  If you're not seeing the difference, YOU are the one watching fake news, and YOU are the one that has been misled.  YOU are the sheep.
- You think that men are being falsely accused of sexual assault and rape and therefore Me Too is bad.  How do you think a movement like Me Too takes off without there being an actual problem?  You think anyone would put up with it if it was total BS?  If you can't see that way too often women are assaulted or raped without consequence, then I pity the women in your life.  You are part of the problem.
- You think religion, specifically Christianity, should be a guide for society.  How can you possibly think you're an advocate for anything Jesus stood for when in this very post you have thrown aside concern for the poor, concern for minorities, and concern for women.  All of these groups, because they are the poor, the disenfranchised, the people that are routinely hurt by existing norms, are exactly who Jesus stood with.  And, just a reminder, Jesus was a person of color who was considered a Radical in his time.  
I am positive that nothing anyone says will change your mind.  But you spew your hateful ideas as if they are/should be the common values of America.  Yours are not the common values of America.  Yours are the ideals of a hateful cult, and you won't go unchallenged.

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