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Re: What Goldman Sachs Really Really Wants 😎

Anyone else watch this and feel just a little bit of rage?
Seems like a good example of how wall street and the uber wealthy get what they want while screwing the planet, then make money by claiming to fix it.  All the while, we all get F'ed. Including and specifically us on this board, when GS swallows up Capstone's technology and adds the product to their marketing clip for CCHP, microgrids, distrubuted power, etc.
It's still just strange...Since climate change is not real in the U.S., this seems like an odd move for GS to take.  I mean the president says we are going to have the cleanest water and the cleanest air, so I know he cares about the environment.  And, he also says climate change is a hoax.  So WTF?  Do I believe GS or the POTUS????
And while I'm bashing the destructive behaviors of Wall Street, including their money-in-politics stranglehold on ALL of our politicians, let's remember who caused the Great Recession, and that, although I personally think Obama was great (especially compared to buffoon in office now), NO ONE WENT TO JAIL.  Messed. Up.  And, even I'll admit, a failure of the Obama admin.
P.S.  Great find, Tera!  Way to ruin my morning!  lol lol lol

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