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Follow on oil and gas order

The new order secured by E-Finity Distributed Generation, Capstone's exclusive distributor for the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast United States, is part of a growing presence of the Capstone product line in the region. "Ideal for natural gas producers looking for scalable solutions, the C600S will ship in a five-bay enclosure anticipating and allowing for ease of increased power output to 800kW or 1000kW in the future without the need for more onsite space or lengthy construction schedules," said Jeff Beiter, Managing Partner at E-Finity.

"Natural gas compression stations are a critical part of the natural gas production process and a natural fit for microturbine technology," said Darren Jamison, Capstone's President and Chief Executive Officer. "As natural gas travels down thousands of miles of pipeline, microturbines offer the ideal solution to provide highly reliable power onsite using the molecules already moving through the pipelines," added Mr. Jamison.

Producing nearly 32 million cubic feet a day of natural gas in 2018, the Appalachian Basin in Northeast is the leading geographical area for natural gas in the United States. New drilling techniques and improved technology have increased the exploration in the area, adding roughly 50 rigs since 2016 according to latest drilling reports provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

"As these producers seek to improve their efficiency and increase profitability generated from lower operating costs, Capstone's clean and green distributed generation systems continue to be selected as the new technology solution of choice," said Jim Crouse, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Capstone Turbine.

"Seeing ever increasing customer demand and market opportunity for Capstone's cutting edge product line, E-Finity continues to expand its presence in the area by opening a new 4,500 square foot facility and adding new highly qualified Capstone factory certified field service technicians. The new Clarksburg facility will further ensure support of nearby equipment in a fraction of the time," concluded Mr. Beiter.

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