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Re: O.T. Laddie..

LTT - when you put it like this you have a good discussion started until you get into the whole "Lib-Tard" thing. You really think we don't want the same things??? Don't forget that almost all the things you list are considered liberal issues, at least in terms of thinking that the government has a role to play - Improving Mental Health, Reducing Homelessness, Assistance with Drug Addiction - Those are liberal talking points for God's sake. So rather than act like we are all idiots, why not discuss how we solve those problems????

You see the problem at the border, but you don't see the utter hopelessness in Latin America and the UNITED STATES helped create with all our covert operations and puppet governments we installed down there. Do we bear no responsbility for that? From a strictly numbers standpoint, wouldn't it be cheaper AND a better longterm game to spend the money helping them build their economy so they aren't so hopeless they are willing to make the extremely dangerous trek to the US in search of anything better than what is in store for them at home?

Drugs crossing the border is ABSOLUTELY a problem, but why are we starting with a wall???? Build a wall, they build a tunnel, they buy a ladder, they buy a rope, etc. We have a wall, and this is what they already do!!

You're a republican, how about supply and demand???? You think drugs would come here if people didn't buy them? How about a serious look at the opioid crisis and yes, SPENDING SOME MONEY, to assist with fixing the problem. How about taking big pharma on, who peddled opiates to people who didn't need them by lying about the risks to doctors and funding bogus studies etc.?? Zero oversight leads to rampant greed at any cost. Government is a GOOD thing in some instances. Perfect, F no! Necessary, YES!

Lastly, you say you pay enough in taxes. Some of us believe that part of the societal cost of living in a country that ALLOWS you and everyone living here the opportunity to make lots of money is paying being forced to pay some of that forward to those less fortunate. You may HATE that argument, and that's just fine. But like it or not, and whether I like it or not, the people in office decide how big a debt or high our taxes are and what we owe to our country and ALL people living here. There are an awful lot of people who think the wealthy OWE a lot more back to the country that gave footing on which to build their wealth.

Now, because I'm sure by the time I post it will be deleted, here's your post:

" My point is, I see so many homeless americans on the streets of the major city where I live, begging for food, living under bridges and in need of drug addiction help with mental issues. Some are Vets. and the elderly who need our support and help first before we venture onto other foreign nationals. We give huge amounts of foreign aid to most all the countries in south and central america. They can do more for their own people. So tell me, other than Chinese Fentanyl, where is the largest entry point for drugs other than Mexico? I do more than my part to help homeless americans, I like many other americans do no want to be forced to pay higher taxes for your lib-tard intentions when it is you lib-tards who should pony up for your cause. JMHO I pay enough taxes. "

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