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Retrofitting of Trucks for 2012?

While not too excited about the automotive short
term prospects, it's still interesting to keep an
eye on developments...FWIW:

<< Wrightspeed is seeking a $20 million second round of funding from strategic or private investors...

The retrofit hybrid kits for medium-duty trucks are expected to be available in mid-2012 for... operators such as a FedEx Corp., UPS, or... Coca-Cola Co...

One undisclosed European customer is designing a supercar around Wrightspeed’s product, Wright said...

One regulation requires fleets operating in California to reduce diesel truck emissions by retrofitting or replacing existing engines. The regulation mandates the installation of retrofits to reduce emissions beginning Jan. 1, 2012...

<< Cutting down on the fuel usage of company trucks and fleets could make a major dent in the oil consumption... the U.S. Silicon Valley-based startup Wrightspeed is led by a co-founder of Tesla Motors, and they’re building a business around extended-range electric trucks...>>

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