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Re: iyacyas6

Been spending my time structuring an installment sale on a piece of commercial property that will provide me enough capital gains to offset my huge AXAS losses. Have two years until 10 years of payouts provide more than enough juice to cover this abomination.

That said in August 2oo2 stock traded at this level (.50) and was over $5 in October of 2005. Realistically, history will likely not repeat; but, I have a couple of years baked in until payout and I'd be happy to divvy it up with uncle if this pos recovers.

As to BW, management, and the board they appear to be in "hang on and hope" mode...not a favorable course of action.

Spending time on machinations about nat gas production and reporting is not a corporate leadership skill that will help define why AXAS can be a viable enterprise. All this chatter from management about cash flow positive and no discussion to address measures that achieve the goal in different pricing environments would be a more productive use of time, imho.

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