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Re: Delaware Basin


 1 Lease or field fuel use– gas used or given to others for field operations including lease drilling fuel, compressor fuel, etc.

 2 Transmission line– gas delivered to a transmission line that will not be processedfurther before ultimate use,including gas used for industrial purposes, irrigation or refinery fuel, etc.

 3 Processing plant– total gas delivered to a gas processing plant (any plant or facility reported on Form R-3). Do not report the “plant breakdown” of the gas on Form PR.

 4 Vented or flared– Indicate why the gas was vented or flared in REMARKS on Form PR.

 5 Gas Lift– gas you use, sell or give to others directly fo rgas lift. Do not include gas delivered topressuremaintenance or processing plants even though it is ultimately used for gas lift.

 6  Re pressure or pressure maintenance– gas delivered to a system or plant that does not extract liquid hydrocarbons. That system or plant will report on Form R-7. (A pressure maintenance plant or system that does extract liquid hydrocarbons must file Form R-3. If gas is delivered to a plant or systemhat recovers liquid hydrocarbons, use casing head gas/gas well gas disposition Code 3 even though the gas may ultimately be injected for pressure maintenance.)

7 Carbon black– gas delivered to a carbon black plant.

8 Underground storage– gas injected directly into a storage reservoir 

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