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Re: Suggestion

From November 7th...

Williston Basin, North Dakota

Drilling operations on the Abraxas four well Lillibridge NW Pad continued as planned. On the four well Ravin NE Pad, the fracture treatment (frac) is expected to be completed this week despite road closures caused by weather. Once the Ravin NE Pad fracture treatment is complete, Abraxas will place back on production the six remaining wells shut-in for frac protection along with the eight new wells on the Ravin Central and Ravin NE Pads. 

The Lillibridge pad (DUC's)....25%WI should be or soon completed although they still appear on the NDIC Active Rig List....with the Raven Rig then moving to the  5 well Jore Federal Extension Pad (DUC's)....
Both the new Ravin Central & North East wells (8)...52.5% WI should be in full production, along with those shut in for frac protection...
Also from November 7th..

Delaware Basin, West Texas

Drilling operations on the Abraxas two well Creosote Pad continued as planned. Abraxas owns approximately 80% working interest in the Creosote Pad. The two well Mesquite Pad, in which Abraxas owns 73% working interest, is producing approximately 1,800 Boepd. The fracture treatment on the one well Pecan 47 Pad, in which Abraxas owns 100% working interest is scheduled to commence this week. All these pads call for 4,800' laterals. 

October Mesquite Pad report showed only approx 1400 boepd for 20 days....but should be in full well as the Pecan 47 well..
Creosote wells should be close to completion...but no production schedule has been offered...
Hackberry wells (2) have yet to spud...

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