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The completion report for the J.J. #1 and the TRRC's initial production report for a very short interval @ 4,126 boe....would seem to indicate the potential for a very good well at a lower cost due to the pilot hole being previously drilled...
From a reliable source...a comparison to previous completion reports for the CML Georgetown participation wells...
The oil recovery on the test was average with the other wells however the well was flowing back at 1950 lbs of tubing pressure which indicates it should have a good reservoir. Also it showed no water on IP so at least starting out the oil drive will be gas not water which is good for on down the road. This could all be somewhat expected as they reached pay formations at favorable datum's. I hope this helps and it all works out. Take care."
Should the J.J. #1 prove successful....there are a number of previously drilled Buda wells in the area that could be "re-completed" as Georgetown Wells....imo

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