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Massive VHC Bear Raid

 obviously organized with a few sources including Herb Greenberg, trash talking VHC and comparing it to Rambus regarding the litigational landscape and the unexpected.  auntcarrie on the VHC board writes:

They were in trouble before we got the May 3rd settlement

They managed to hold the price down for quite awhile. Then May 3rd we jumped. And then again a few weeks ago.
Deeply underwater. End of month numbers in the toilet and necks on the line. Cornered vicious animals attacking with whatever "Tools" in the arsenal. I was afraid of this (taking us back to 23ish).
But what makes me want to get the gun is seeing this over and over again. No consequence, no hard time, no charges, over and over.
Holding but this will be my last equity.
Let them play with themselves."
This same scenario is possible with CIGX.  Around 15 months ago the shorts came up with a concocted story about delisting CIGX which was without merit but they created the bear raid opportuniyt they were hoping for.  When will the SEC and the courts start doing their job?

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