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Re: Excellent post from Izof at YMB

 While I admire your enthusiasm I think you may be getting a bit ahead of the curve. The reason I think the GNC launch may be slower than you think is because not one of the stores within a 50 mile radius of where I live (lax) has Anatabloc on the shelf and not one sales person even heard of Anatabloc.The manager at the Marina store told me that he would call me if and when it shows up in the store.
On the other hand, I just got off the phone with the call center that take the orders in Michigan (another call center in California) and he was very informative. I called just to see if there was a wait before a live person (the last time waited a long time). I hung up when I got a recording so I called again and got a live person right away. He didn't mind having to answer any questions I asked. He said he fields about 200 calls a day (I'm not sure if he meant in a 8 hour day, he works 16 hours on some days) and about 60% are orders the rest is answering questions on the product. They had about 36 people answering the phone today. He mentioned this was a slow weekend (he mentioned why but can't remember) but sales has been very steady. I took the time to give him some positive feedback on  Anatabloc so he could pass it on to others and he was very receptive.
I think word of mouth is working very well but for sales to pick up at GNC nationally a much bigger advertising campaign is necessary. I would jump for joy if proven wrong. 

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