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Re: Excellent post from Izof at YMB

<We are doing extremely well, and it will likely be more of a slog than NJ thinks.

However, RE

"The exponential 'hockey stick' curve of rising sales won't occur until Star can officially state what the benefits of Abloc are, and that won't occur until the publication of the Flint study in spring/summer 2013. Only then can they go on TV and really make the case for the product. Only then can they get on Dr. Oz, or Oprah, or some other celebrity's show and start a stampede to the product."




Here is what some people seem to be missing.   There will undoubtedly be multiple hockey sticks of growth as new events occur.   Event #1 was a combination of GNC offering Anatabloc by mail order combined within 2 weeks of Fred Couples becoming a brand ambassador.   That event occurred in the Feb to early March time frame, and we still have no idea how big it really is (Star could now be getting an average of over 3 bottles per order).    One question we don't know the answer to is whether an order for a case from a GNC store shows up as an order # in Star's standard ordering system, or is it treated separately and is unseen for us investors. 

But the second hockey stick ramp is stocking the GNC retail stores.  This hockey stick ramp is happening now and we can track it if you assist in the research.   The 5800+ GNC stores in the US are now stocking the product (and at a much faster rate than I thought possible).   I think over 2500 stores will have Anatabloc by the end of April and they will probably all have it by the end of May.    It appears that stores are starting off small (six bottles or 12 bottles).   Now we will have GNC sales associates pushing the product to anyone who walks in the door of GNC.    Unlike many products that GNC sells, this product will offer immediate and recognizable benefits for those who take it, and it will create repeat customers.    I encourage CIGX investors to call or visit all your local GNC stores and see if they have Anatabloc in stock, find out how many bottles are in stock, and how fast it is selling.

I can envision each store eventually selling multiple bottles per day, but for now I expect stores will average 1 bottle per day.  



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