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Anatabloc Testimonials from this very Discussion Board

 I went back and looked at just a few of the testimonials on this board.    Thought you might be interested....


excerpts…from 100coming


This is the beginning of my 3rd month on anatablock after a month off. I have degenerative disk conditions in my lower back and have had one fusion already. Right now the L4-L5 vertebrae is bone on bone, tuesday i go in for surgery to relieve pressure on the smashed nerve because of the L4-L5 condition. Nothing can stop the pain in my leg from that except surgery so i never expected anatablock to help that. What i can say with certainty is that anatablock stops the aches across my lower back, which were severe (The aches are gone and there's no reason for it because the condition is still bone on bone). The aches were day and night and now the only pain I have is in my leg. I don't consume nearly the amount of advil and alevie as I use to. I know i was taking unhealthy amounts of it. So now i'm taking 6 to 8 anatablocks per day because my surgeon said the main concern with this minimally invasive procedure is inflammation. Also, i don't have to have another fusion because as long as the aches and pain are gone there's no problem. And it's really great to urinate so easily again.! - fyi


excerpts from Starduster….


Just Finished Second Month on Anatabloc


 Last month I reported that the hard skin build ups on my hands, ears, and face had reduced in size or disappeared. This month over 90% have disappeared and the remainder have shrunk to less that 10% of what they used to be.


Urination pressure still good. Overall well being is noticeably better. My energy level is almost scary and I have to pay special attention to it. I am remodeling 3 rooms in an old house and it requires a level of work that I used to do 20 years ago. When I started this project I figured that I would only be able to work 4 hours a day with days off in between.  I have been working 8 to 10 hour days, 6 days a week. Sometimes at the end of the day I finally hit the wall and have nothing left, I can barely make it to the bed. That is the scary part, where do you draw the line and stop short? The next morning I am up and after a few uncomfortable moments I am at it again. I have a feeling that if you remove the inflammation and associated pain, which is a warning sign of overdoing, then you must rely on your brain to draw the line on how far you push yourself.


I am off all medications, except for Anatabloc. I see my Doctor next month and will run a series of tests to see what the chemistry of my body is doing.


excerpts from Rambus2007


Starting Fourth Month on Anatabloc


As for me...I continue to enjoy the benefits and it seems to me the longer you are on it the better it works. When I first started using Anatabloc, the relief was about about 75%. I could still feel a little soreness on my side and lower back but down to a point where the discomfort was almost gone....this would happen every time I played golf. Now, no pain, no discomfort, complete relief of any pain from physical activity.


I reported better performance in the bedroom last month...getting even better. I don't think it's a cure all but I do believe the healthier you are the better you feel and many other good things happening in ones body that can't be measured. It works for me...I'm a believer, anxiously waiting for scientific confirmation. 


My last golf outing was Friday and we played one hell of a hilly course, it was brutal. My friend who suffer from some problem with his knee and leg was lamenting that he was going to pay one hell of a price when he sleeps. He (65 years old) normally would get spasms and cramps that would keep him up a good part of the night. I happen to have some Anatabloc on me (since I take it before and after playing) so I gave him three and told him to take all three and let me know if it made any difference. I called him Saturday and his was pleasantly surprised that his leg did not bother him at all. Of course I had to explain what it was and no side effects etc., but Freddie's endorsement seem to make him more comfortable about taking Anatabloc. I have another friend using Anatabloc and is starting to get relief from his ailments.


That's it folks, no negative side effects



And the list just goes on and on….


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