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Anatabloc usage update

I first reported on the board that I started taking Anatabloc back in September for 2 things, hay fever and a Baker's cyst on my right knee. This is a follow-up report.

I definitely felt relief from my hay fever for about 6 weeks. After that, we got a frost and the season was over. In my opinion, Anatabloc appeared to provide about 80-90% relief from hay fever (runny nose, itchy eyes). Very grateful for this relief as well. Had it all my life and this was by far the best I've felt during the ragweed season. I've also tried allergy shots for over a year with no relief. Anatabloc provided more relief than the allergy shots.

I also began taking it as I read on Facebook that someone had taken it for a Baker's cyst on their knee. I also have one on my right knee. I broke my both my tibia and fibia around 20 years ago and had a rod inserted in my tibia that extends from my knee to my ankle. About 8 years ago, a Baker's cyst appeared that looked like it originated at the end of the rod proximal to my knee. At that time, the doc recommended to do nothing as it was harmless, so I've had it for around 8 years. As stated, I've been taking Anatabloc for about 3 months now and the cyst on my knee used to be about the size of a plum and very hard. Now, after 3 months on Anatabloc, the cyst is about 1/3 of the size it used to be and very soft in texture. Also, after reading up on inflammation, I'm going to have the rod removed from my leg as if it is a cause of inflammation, I certainly don't want it in my body any longer.

Other improvements that I believe can be attributed to Anatabloc are relief from soreness after strenuous exercise. I am 53 years old and work out regularly (1-3 hours at a time, 4-6 times a week). I recently hired a personal trainer to break a plateau that I seemed to be on. I was anticipating some sore mornings after as I expected him to put me through the ringer with some intense workouts. Amazingly, I have not experienced the type of soreness I was expecting. Last week, he put my through a very intense 50-minute kettlebell routine. The next day I was very tired, I could feel it, but not really the lactic acid soreness I was expecting. tired muscles, not really sore muscles. I was amazed and so was the trainer. I told the personal trainer about the lack of soreness, first, he took it personal for not making me sore. Now he's interested in Anatabloc. I'm going to give him some tomorrow.

Also, my back used to get mildly stiff after a round of golf. I don't get that any longer, although the season has ended for the year here in Minnesota.

I used to have both high blood pressure (140 over 95) and high cholesterol and was on caduet to address these issues. I've stopped taking caduet back in September when I started taking Anatabloc. I take my blood pressure daily and it was 116 over 75 this morning. In August, I had my cholesterol checked and it was 149 total, while on caduet. In January, I'll have my cholesterol checked and will report the Anatabloc reading.

Although the changes in BP could be attributed to the amount of exercise I've been getting, both high blood pressure and high cholesterol appear to be hereditary. Also, I've worked out my entire life and have recorded both high blood pressure and high cholesterol while working out.

Overall, I've experienced excellent results from Anatabloc and would recommend it for any of the conditions I've listed above. I'm also amazed at all the other anecdotal evidence regarding other ailments it's being used to treat. At first, I was skeptical of these types of results stemming from a stock message board. I remain skeptical of everything I read on an internet message board, but am not as skeptical of some of the claims as related to Anatabloc. If you have any inflammation conditions that you think it could address and have $100 to purchase Anatabloc, I'd recommend trying it. It certainly appears to me that Anatabloc is not snake oil.

And yes, I am long the stock but consider the health benefits one could receive from taking Anatabloc to be more important than the financial benefits one could also receive from owning the stock.

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