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  • Crowdfunding relief for the IV "Home Team" located in Ida's impact zone

    Our "home office" staff, including admin, customer service & web development team, are safe & greatly appreciate your concern, well wishes & generous contributions to help us through this post-Ida disaster.

    If you haven't already done so, but are considering contributing to the cause, you have options: 

    CLICK HERE to give $5, $10 or $25

    CLICK HERE to give a little more: $50, $75, $100

    Alternatively, you can make a check out to "Investor Village" (payable in US funds) and send it to: P.O. Box 1489, Marrero, LA 70073

    Thanks for always having our back in moments of crisis! We won't forget the generosity & support of each & every one of you, our most loyal customers! 

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Re: Still far from normal

Good question.  They're usually pretty reliable.  I think sometimes they get a bad wrap, but I am actually quite fond of them, especially late at night or on road trips!  Like so many things in life, Waffle House dining can be hit or miss, depending on the staff, but when they are well run and friendly, they're hard to beat for what they offer and the prices!  Plus I enjoy the fact that if they have what you want, the short order cooks will go out of their way to make it to order.  

Okay, sorry for unsolicited promotion!  

I just called the local diner in Bridge City, LA, a few miles west of here and surprise, surprise!  They are open, but on limited hours.  Normally they are open 24X7, but until further notice they close at 9 pm.  Not sure about the others in the area, but my guess is more of the same.  


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