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The following message was updated on 9/13/2021 11:13:23 PM.

Still far from normal

Progress is being made, but things are far from normal

For example, our local 6 pm to 6 am curfew has been lifted, but honestly, it's hardly needed as most things are shut down by dark anyway. 

I just went out for a 9 pm tour of the local area (we live and work in Marrero, which is effectively a suburb of New Orleans, located just south of the river from the city). Imagine in modern America, two weeks after a storm and you drive around and even with power mostly restored to the area, you can only find 3 fast food restaurants open past 9 pm (DQ, Burger King & Taco Bell) and the following closed: McDonald's, Wendy's, Jimmy John's, Popeyes, Rally's, Sonic, and various other burger, wing and pizza joints, all closed.  Not sure if it's an issue of worker/staff shortages (after all, everyone around here now has their own extra personal/family issues to take care of in addition to regular work responsibilities), or if it's a question of either being low on supplies and/or having trouble getting supplies in the first place (based on the long lines where things are open, I can't believe it's a demand problem!).  

I checked Walmart hours on my smartphone and it reported regular closing hours of 11 pm, yet when I arrived at 9:15 it was already closed.  Need to check tomorrow to see what the real hours currently are. Other local grocers, including Rouses (which was the first chain to reopen thanks to their solid hurricane preparedness plan, including having made major investments in generators at each of their stores a number of years ago) are also closed by or before 9 pm.  

Walgreens & CVS?  Closed.
Again, a curfew is hardly necessary when almost nothing is open past dark anyway.  And this is in metro New Orleans, which wasn't hit nearly as hard as dozens of smaller cities, towns and rural areas to the south and west of us.  They have a much longer road to recovery ahead of them.  Speaking of which, tomorrow afternoon I'll be talking with our lead web developer, Wendi, about what else we do to help her family and friends who live in Luling and suffered much greater damage and losses than we did here in Marrero. At a minimum I'm thinking a supply run to deliver some of the surplus we ended up with and not needing nearly as much at it sounds like they do (things like ice, water, canned goods and fuel for generators). 

Updates to follow. 


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