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Re: Apology

 Wouldn't worry about it. 
  The market is loaded with 'danger' to investors, especially when it gets overheated, and suckers folks in (dutch tulip mania) because 'its just going to go higher, no matter how overvalued it already is'.  Like we are in now, and have been for some time.
  And when it decides to reverse, and the profit taking begins, far too often, folks are too slow to realize whats going on.
 So for me, reasonable chatter, especially with regard to seeing a market correction developing, is highly desirable.
  and in that light??  IF you own something in the tech sector (NASD??) or small caps, the warning flags are up on my charts (SQQQ, TECS, TZA, and watch volatility)  with this being the 4th time TECS, SQQQ are trying to get traction since the 1st of the year...
 ie, if you own something, hopefully its justifying or on the verge of justifying its share price..  something to give it something to hold onto...
disclaimer:  I don't own any of the 3 mentioned, or a few others I am monitoring for a potential trade cause this market has refused to be 'rationale' for some time now..  and that 1.9 Trillion pork laden package coming is bound to heat up the market again..   And the dems are working to push that out as soon as possible.... 

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