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TMDI Conference Call Yesterday

Hello to all,
I did review the call, and took notes.  The facts are pretty obvious and all of the previous comments posted here were as I would have provided. 
The only thing that still bothers me is Mc can't speak from slides, or carry much of a lengthy explanation without stammering, or losing his thoughts.  Otherwise, he mentioned paying off the loan several times.  Once "by the end of year," and the other left me with the impression perhaps before the end of the year.  All good from my view. 
This is the first time I've heard Mc sound very solid on the "we can do this" message with conviction.  And the emphasis about "we will payoff the loan upon the completion of the 4th milestone."  I was surprised by his tone too.  The "either MDT works with us, and we think that is very possible" or we have the goods from which to work with anyone else globally.  
Personally, I still think MDT doesn't let TMDI out of jail (out from under the loan payoff, or executes a different agreement.)  If so, it would be more solid evidence of where this is going.  
I don't intend on reposting my replies here regardless if they get erased, unless someone requests one.  It's my fight, and I'm pretty angry about their blatant manipulation, selfish behavior, and lack of candor.  I don't think I would be a very even-handed judge.  
Thank you for all the great intel, and analysis.  We'll get there sooner than later. 
Good luck to all. Regards,BK. 

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