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Re: And another worthwhile repost from ShortersHub

 Hello to everyone,
I've been off on a crusade, jousting with the "less than worthy" over on iHub.  
I can't provide the emails from Honey, that prompted my responses - but you will get the gist.  I think Honey is a she, right? Regardless, she got really Pizzed - again.  Not sorry.  She finally fessed up to the fact that she's only doing what she does for "self preservation."  How surprising. 
This is a follow up email to the previous repost by 66 earlier today. Yes it was erased.
Tisk, tisk...

Thank you for helping me make my points.

Sticky your post, so you can look back after something has happened and claim your correct? You have no foresight.

I don't need to acknowledge any Dr's. I've always acknowledged the 30:1 loss. I experienced it too. You make it sound like I covered it up, and smeared it with frosting. Actually, just the opposite in one of my recent posts. You don't read and comprehend my messages. Can't help you.

Clearly, you haven't learned to control what you can, and prepare for a contingency. I'd guess that short position really chapped your a$$. There's butt cream available for share price irritation, and chafing. The best anti-chafing cream rated in 2021 is Body Glide.

As the Japanese say, "he who shows his anger first, loses." There's nothing to get angry about. It's your comments that reflect on your presence on this board. So far your presence and comments have not been helpful, insightful, and many times detrimentally skewed when describing the present business environment. Telling people to harvest for a tax loss, when many purchased shares in the past few years and are in the money, or hold them in an IRA. You don't have the professional credentials to be making those recommendations - or the ability to explain both sides of a suggestion so everyone understands the full ramifications of your opinion.

Your statement about your own self preservation - instead of being objective to the benefit of the greater good, was also obvious before you said it.

I haven't back peddled since 2014. You can wait as you please. I'm not going anywhere, and will continue to present objective points and observations, with information to support any suppositions. Much unlike you, in your effort for self preservation.

And the next time you decide to address me in such a manner, do it with respect. That's Mr. Prick - to you.

The avocados are winning.

Good luck to all. Regards,BK. 

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