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A worthwhile repost from ShortersHub

BK wrote it, FlyBabyFly re-posted, both got yanked. But someone managed to grab a copy before they disappeared. It's tough to reply intelligently to some of the FUD over there and have your post remain, given the animosity of the renowned shorters filling much of the moderator ranks! Thanks to both above for contjnuing to fight the good fight, and thanks to my other friend for capturing this for me!

It's painfully obvious you're challenged.

I have a hard time being cruel to witless people who pretend to be innocently ignorant of the facts as they've been repeatedly presented, and answered to today's idiotic questions. Some of those descriptive words are redundant purposely to match your questions. You couldn't connect 2 dots, if they were the only ones on a page, with a ruler and a wide chisel tip sharpie.

As hard as it may be, I'm up to it.

A) WHY is it so difficult for McDilly to engage with another interested party? It's not difficult, and TMDI has had meetings without the MDT BOD guest. That's been confirmed.

B) IF there is no other interest, then MDT can lean on Mc /Titan with their 800lb frame until Titan screams no mas. - IF you feel there's no interest, then why are you here? You clearly aren't an MDT shareholder. You're broke. Why would MDT lean on a future partner, and drive them further away with rude, unprofessional behavior? Is that how you would treat a business partner? You clearly have no understanding of business etiquette, or the process by which negotiating is done.

C) Current PPS suggests no other interested parties in the mix and until that happens, MDT has the clear advantage as the longer Titan takes the more costly getting to and through FDA will be. Wow. SAD - situational awareness deficit. MDT has no advantage, due to the fact of the extension of time granted to conclude the 4th milestone. TMDI or MDT can't commit publicly until it's an approved deal, so there's not a repeat of MAZOR. I'd like to agree with you, but no other manufacturer is going to do a public announcement, and have the same series of circumstances as the MDT/MAZOR deal. You're clearly deficient comprehending the history of MDT's acquisition business model, and main elements of this partnership. Any wild sp activity will all be 9th inning theatrics, if at all. This may be over without an announcement, prior to a final BO agreement. It will come to a vote, but if I orchestrated it - I'd be damn sure I had enough votes for it to pass before hand. And while MDT does have a governor on the communication from Mc, as an advantage, it's only until the Loan is paid off. After that - it's Pandora's Box. Do you think MDT is that foolish? MDT wants what they want. They have the cash to solve their revenue challenges for the next 20-30 years and address the risk all in 1 acquisition.

D) Watch em settle on another arrangement with more Milestones for cash but MDT will force Titan to raise first IMO, just like last time. Why take an equity stake if nobody else is interested ?? - First, if you continuously say it's going to rain, eventually it will. You're no profound pontificator. You'd complain if they didn't do another arrangement, b/c then you would have no more time to complain. If it's just a development agreement, be done with it and move on. So...... why do another extension? If there was another arrangement, it would be the 2nd most obvious "tell" that MDT is trying to negotiate a lower BO price, and needs more time The 1st and BIGGEST "tell" are the Loan conditions and payoff provisions. SAD.

E) MDT can slow play this all they want and force Titans hand. Mc must change that dynamic right quick and I dont think he has really tried. - Mc can't do anything until the 4th milestone is mutually agreed upon as complete, and then the Loan may be paid off. This is the earliest opportunity for the loan to be paid off. With $50M and another $10 within 3 months, you think MDT can slow play this for another year? Remember that little thing called the Loan payoff? Mc doesn't have to extend the 4th milestone further if it's done. He doesn't have to agree to any additional terms with MDT. What's the absolute worst case scenario for MDT?Answer: A TMDI free to negotiate with any other manufacturer. You and your group keep forgetting to answer my question(s) about how MDT builds an RAS SP robot with 15 patents, in less than 4-5 years, spending another $350M without any guarantees of approval from USPTO. Ignore it at your peril. SAD.

F) All IMO. - Your opinion(s) have shown no value so far. Anyone can site past history and pretend that they are 100% correct. You haven't not made any logical conclusions in 2021. Predicting they may eventually need to raise more cash is not a highly educated guess.

* he does not navigate the landscape very well - never has IMO. - Guess you're familiar, and recognized that pretty easily.

You're minor league thinking in a major league business situation is very apparent. You couldn't win a debate against a bag of avocados.

Good luck to all. Regards,BK.

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