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Notice of Allowance received from USPTO


What is a Notice of Allowance?

A Notice of Allowance is a document sent to a patent applicant from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) after a patent examiner has decided to issue the requested patent. The Notice of Allowance comes after the inventor has turned in a patent application and provided all information about the invention. This information includes the patent's description, design, drawings, or blueprints.

Since the Notice of Allowance shows the application is complete and meets all requirements, it is the final step in the long and complex patent application process. Your patent application has been fully reviewed and your invention has been given the green light for patenting. All that's left is to pay remaining fees and send any drawing corrections.

When a USPTO examiner feels an invention qualifies for a patent, he or she prepares a Notice of Allowance. When mailed to the inventor, the notice's mailing date is electronically recorded. If it will be published, the application requires both a publication and issue fee. Any fee requirements are listed in the Notice of Allowance. Applicants are also reminded to send an extra copy of the "Notice of Allowance and Fees Due" form when paying fees.

Once the issue fee has been paid, you'll be sent an Issue Notification letting you know your patent number and its anticipated issue date. Any extra patent applications based on the original "parent" application will need to be filed before the parent patent issue.

Eighteen months or more after the patent application's earliest filing date, the USPTO will publish the patent and it will be on public file.


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