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Some thoughts

In keeping with their news trend another story today this time about establishing ADRs in the U.S.
i have not posted for a long while on relief mostly because my position is becoming minor as it steadily dropped in value. The last 2 days probably represent that people have figured a way to run the stock up and down to make a profit and nothing more. Relief has even been underperforming NRX their US partner. Looking pretty bleak.
I have learned a few things in relief. When there is a pandemic stick with the majors. The mom and pops dont have the resources or capabilities to get to the finish line.
Relief’s drug will probably help with covid but they have probably run out of time. Merck will get approved soon. The govt has already been stockpiling Mercks drug. Clearly if relief drug were good enough they would have stockpiled it already. Basically it languishes in limbo. When their drug for covid started slipping away it lost justification for its market cap. You can make money on these mom and pops in the beginning with the excitement but you have to get out. As i recall it ran into the 70 cents at one point. Cydy is another example of covid hype letdown.
It certainly didnt help that relief and NRx have been fighting. I dont know who is right. I suspect even if NRx got sales in the US they would not pay relief a cent until the litigation was resolved. This has also messed up reliefs ability to get approval in Europe and elsewhere since NRx wont give them trial data
Neither company has deep pockets
I have no idea what the recently acquired companies have forbpotential revenue for their drugs
It is very difficult to get information on relief and as far as i can tell produce practically nothing for investors or for analyst meetings or professional meetings.
I expect their ADR partner will help run up the stock for a little while but ultimately will cost relief money in fees and additional share sales will be needed to pay the millions they probably want.
There next trial completion dates are probably not until mid to late 2022 and i dont see any catalysts until then. I suspect their chewable tablet will get approved in 2022 but who knows what sales will look like.
I am not very confident in the stock although i still believe they have a shot at ARDs and covid approval. I wish we knew more about their prospects but doubt we will get that. Of course we could get lucky and they suddenly get covid approval and NRx and Relief get along but not relying on this. It has mostly been a learning experience only.

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