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NZ -M. O. A. R.

C&C Commentary

New Zealand’s 1-News ran a tantalizing story late yesterday headlined, “Health worker arrested after Covid vax data allegedly 'misused’.” The 1-News article didn’t identify the arrested “health worker,” but it seems pretty clear that it was this guy, Barry Young:


‘Te Whatu Ora’ is New Zealand’s socialized public health agency, a post-pandemic creature recently set up in July 2022. The agency plans and funds “free government healthcare” in the tiny island nation. Its weird name is woke, of course, a slogan in the ‘indigenous’ Māori language meaning, “the weaving of health.” Whatever.

As the primary source of medicine in New Zealand, Te Whatu Ora literally wields the power of life and death over Kiwis. It’s not something to lightly mess around with. And arrested leaker Barry Young obviously FAFO’d. The pressing question has become: is Mr. Young is a hero, or a goat?

The story broke wide open three days ago when several things happened all on the same day. First, the New Zealand Herald ran an intriguing story headlined, “Te Whatu Ora launches probe, minister briefed after health worker spreads Covid misinformation.”  The mental imagery evoked by the headline’s phrase “launches probe” was unfortunate. Where did the probe go, and how fast? It sounded particularly uncomfortable.

Anyway. Misinformation! The twenty-first century crime! The Herald’s article, and virtually every other article about the leak, stressed that the unnamed employee “had no clinical background or expert vaccine knowledge.” He’s no expert!

Well, as far as I know, Young has never claimed to be a clinician or have expert vaccine knowledge. But don’t let that fact stand in the way of the official narrative.

Around the same time the “probe” story broke, Steve Kirsch published a Substack and a fusillade of tweets, in which he claimed to have insider whistleblower data from New Zealand that conclusively established causation for the mRNA shots:

image 2.png

Steve’s Substack referenced a low-volume Rumble video titled M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations), uploaded that same day by what appears to be a small group of anti-vaccine Kiwis, called “Free NZ Media.” The video’s description simply says, “The crucial data on New Zealand's excess deaths from the Covid jabs.” In the video, whistleblower Barry Young tell his story, interviewed by someone named Liz Dunn, who is now on the run.

image 3.png

RUMBLE VIDEO: “M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations)” (1:03:00).

Over the last two days, Steve’s tweets and the M.O.A.R video started getting a lot of attention on Twitter. The video features a tearful, then-anonymous whistleblower (Barry Young) who explained he was the original Oracle database administrator who setup the government’s vaccine health system during the pandemic. As part of his job, he routinely saw the ‘line level’ patient jab data.

Young explained in the video that he became horrified watching the jab deaths mounting in the database — and being concealed by authorities — and so he finally decided to release the data to the public.

The critical fact about the Young Data, the information that nobody has yet been able access (apart from shady bureaucrats in ultra-classified SCIFs at the CDC), is that it included both specific vaccination records and patients’ dates of death. Having those two data points finally allows for statistical comparisons between shot status and subsequent death (regardless of cause).

Believe it or not, no health agency anywhere in the world has ever released that kind of data, even by anonymizing patient information.

The data, which I have not yet analyzed myself, has generated some pretty dramatic and possibly overheated claims, like an allegation that up to 22% of jab recipients — one-fifth — died after getting a shot from the ‘worst’ batch in New Zealand:

image 4.png

Kirsch, who explained he got the data back on November 8th and then spent the rest of the month analyzing it, has concluded there is a clear “mortality hump” around six months after inoculation.  Steve also alleged the overall data proves the safe and effective jabs have a 1% mortality rate, which if correct is four times covid’s official mortality rate. Steve persuasively argued that, regardless of any objections, for sure the data failed to show any reduction in deaths after the shots — an you would expect a reduction in deaths, since that’s what the shots are supposed to do. Allegedly.

During the blackout period, Steve wisely forwarded the Young Data to several other data and scientific experts, including friendly skeptics. He also published links for downloading the data in various file formats, and yesterday presented the data at MIT to a student ‘free speech’ group.

One of the skeptical-but-friendly experts who reviewed Steve’s data was Professor Norm Fenton, a highly-regarded British mathematician, computer scientist, and Emeritus Professor of Risk at Queen Mary University in London. Professor Fenton has analyzed the data and published several Substacks about it, the most recent one titled, “The New Zealand vaccine data: what I actually saw and analysed and what the limitations are.” After carefully outlining a variety of potential problems and possible objections about the data, Professor Fenton ultimately concluded something pretty remarkable:

If the dataset is a real, unbiased and representative subset of those vaccinated, then it is potentially one of the most important publicly available datasets for examining covid vaccine safety, despite the fundamental limitation imposed by absence of data on the unvaccinated. It provides evidence of lack of safety of the vaccine.

In fairness, Professor Fenton was doubtful about some of the wilder claims, cautiously suggesting a variety of commonsense alternative possibilities that could explain things like the high-mortality “hot lot” data shown in the table above. For example, the 22%-deadly batch might have been given to a bunch of frail nursing home residents in a single facility, especially considering the low total batch numbers. A fair point.

Next, journalist and pandemic “Team Reality” member Igor Chudov, who is not a skeptic, was even more cautious than Professor Fenton. Kirsch sent the data to Chudov, who analyzed it and wrote a doubt-plagued, highly-suspicious Substack titled, “I analyzed the "Leaked NZ Whistleblower Data" and Suggest to Be Wary of It.

Chudov’s first issue was the Young Data is incomplete. There were over 4 million records, which boiled down to 2.2 million patients because it includes multiple records per patient (every jab is a different record). There were right under a million “dose one” records in the database, but Worldometer says 4.3 million Kiwis were vaccinated. So Chudov wonders: where are the missing 2.1 million records?

Chudov also said a lot of doses are missing. For example, some patients only have a record for their fifth dose, or just for doses three and five, but not for doses one, two, or four. So the data appeared incomplete for that reason as well.

Like Professor Fenton, Chudov dismissed the “hot batch” claims. First, Chudov’s own analysis showed a death rate of 12% for that batch instead of 22%. Second, the deceased recipients’ average age was 67, and they died over a 2.5 year period. So, they all could easily have been from a single nursing home, as Professor Fenton speculated, and were not abnormal.

Similarly, Chudov challenged another dramatic claim that there were “deadly sites” with outsized mortality. One example showed a stunning 32% mortality at a single jab facility. Chudov found the mortality figure to be correct, but the site, Te Hopai Hospital, is basically a hospice facility for elderly people who are near death. So, 32% might not be an excess number of deaths at that location.

In light of all these problems, Chudov speculated that the mortality data could look even worse if all the missing records were included. There’s just no way to know. In other words, Chudov strongly implied this data could be a limited hangout, even calling it a potential psyop, and noting that it was “leaked” during the last days while the former pro-lockdown government was still in control.

Steve Kirsch responded to many of these criticisms in his Substack post, linked above. For example, Steve explained the database only includes records for one of several New Zealand jab programs, which is why there are only 4 million records for two million patients, and that is also why the records randomly include some doses and not others. It all depended on when and where the patient got a particular jab.

In my view, Steve persuasively argued that the randomized dose data is irrelevant if you consider any dosing record to be evidence of vaccination. You can then plot the death rate for vaccinated people, and as previously mentioned, Steve says the Young Data clearly shows a “bump” in deaths around six months following a jab.  Steve has even offered to bet anyone a million dollars (albeit with terms) that the Young Data is legitimate and that it shows the vaccines increase recipients’ risk of death.

Steve also said that Igor Chudov is now re-examining the data after Steve spoke to him and explained how Chudov’s original article got things wrong.

The Second MOAR Video

Two days ago, a second video appeared on the same Rumble channel, titled Andrew Bridgen on the M.O.A.R. Data. Andrew Bridgen is a conservative representative, or M.P., and is Great Britain’s anti-vaccine gadfly, who was expelled by the Conservative Party back in April. Bridgen appeared with Barry in the new hour-long video, discussing the need to help get the word out about the data. At one point, Bridgen described a curious encounter with a leader of his political party:

He said, and his words were very clear, Andrew, there is currently no political appetite for your views on the vaccines. There may well be in twenty years’ time. And you’re probably going to be proven right. In the meantime, you need to bear in mind, you’re taking on the most powerful vested interests in the world, at your own personal risk for you that would entail. And at that point, I said thank you very much, the meeting is over.

About halfway through, interviewer Liz Dunn asked whistleblower Young if he was scared to come forward, and Young’s response was prophetic:

LIZ DUNN: How are you feeling about the risks of doing this?
BARRY YOUNG: That’s what I’m counting on (chuckles). So Yeah, come and get me. I’m aware of the reality that, um, I don’t have any illusions. I’m gonna get my collar felt on some stage… I’ve got nothing to fear. And the truth will set me free.

Young was right. Now, some New Zealand police interrogator is feeling his collar. Which I assume is New Zealandish for probing his prostate.

What Can We Conclude?

Firstly, New Zealand’s reporting about Barry Young’s arrest is peculiarly dubious. Compare Young’s arrest with Florida’s odious nutjob Rebekah Jones, who also claimed to be a health data whistleblower, and was also arrested, rightfully so. She is also a compulsive liar.

We can learn several things from the official reporting:

1.     They don’t deny the ‘leaker’ is (was) a health system employee, confirming Young’s claims.

2.     They insist — often and loudly — that he’s not a ‘vaccine expert,’ again consistent with Young’s claim to be an Oracle database administrator.

3.     They do NOT claim that Young’s data is fake, altered, compromised, or misrepresented in any way. So we can assume the Young Data is legit.

4.     Most tellingly, they allege Young was “spreading misinformation” but never described the alleged misinformation, not even a little. The closest they get is implying that Young generally accused the jabs of being unsafe, which is not a crime, even in New Zealand.

5.     Finally, it’s unsurprising Young was arrested, since after all he did leak confidential information. But it is shocking how fast they arrested him. By comparison, it took about 18 months to arrest Rebekah Jones, and then only after Florida police actually conducted an investigation. Young’s turbo-arrest looks like a cover up.

Te Whatu Ora, or whatever its name is, also instantaneously obtained a court injunction clamping down on any further spread of the Young Data, and social media companies like YouTube instantly complied, of course.

Good on Rumble for not complying.

We lay folks must rely on experts to say whether the 4.2 million database records amount to anything. As critics keep reminding me, I’m only a lawyer, not a statistician or a data analyst. Right now, the experts are engaged — as they should be — in a healthy debate over what can be known from what inarguably may be the best sample of vaccine health data anyone outside the CDC has yet seen.

But, as a lawyer I do note the following tantalizing facts:

1.     Kirsch’s hostile critics currently rely on the dumbest logic. They point out that covid didn’t arrive in New Zealand until 2022 — therefore, they say, the excess mortality must “obviously be from covid, not the vaccines.”  It just goes to show you how stupid experts can be. First of all, the vaccines were supposed to stop people dying from covid.  So, the argument the excess deaths came from covid also undermines the vaccines.  Second, there was no covid in New Zealand until after the jabs started. Which is another bad sign for the jabs. So that dumb argument won’t last.

2.     Nobody claims the data is fake, not even Te Whatu Ora, so it must be the first publicly-available patient-level jab and death data yet, even if it’s only a portion of the whole NZ jab campaign.

3.     It also seems to be undisputed that a lot of jabbed Kiwis died soon after getting their shots. Therefore, the only relevant question is: did they die in numbers exceeding rates for unjabbed people? New Zealand instantly could answer this concern by releasing the complete data, including for unvaccinated Kiwis — which they will never do. Instead, they will ask people to take their word for it. Only morons and citizen volunteers will take their word for it.

4.     This kind of patient-level data is unavailable in many countries, including the U.S., where there is no central database recording vaccinations and deaths. Well, not any database that our government will admit, anyway. So the Young Data could be the best available information — the gold standard.

The bottom line is this is a fascinating story, and it will tell us something. From that available facts, it appears Barry Young made a fantastic personal sacrifice to get the word out, right or wrong, and it also looks like our side has learned some lessons, and this time made sure to widely spread the data around before going public.

The whistleblowing genie isn’t going back in the censorship bottle this time.

I don’t expect this leak to be a touchdown pass. At best it will move the chains downfield, and convince a few more public officials to question jab safety. But moving the chains down the field is exactly what we need to do to win. And maybe, just maybe, this leak will move the chains a lot.

I hope this brief was helpful in catching you up with what already seems like a critically-important story. Of course, I’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds.

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