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Re: All these cupcakes- lurker, salami,wilk, liarswan etc

                                 LETS  TRY TO FIGURE THIS OUT
We have a virus that came from a bat in hybernation season or did it come from a lab who knows !. 192 Countries all lock down on the same day with the same protocals with massive fearmongering from all major news media, hundreds of millions of people are going to DIE! but it is just 2 weeks to flatten the curve .That does not make sense !
Small Buisiness is shut down and masks and social distancing is put in place only a few customers allowed in stores except for the large box stores Costco Wallmart and other box stores where people are shoulder to shoulder.Borders are shut and airlines cruise lines no travel no comerse except for big big buisiness.Waiting for a Vaccine that normally takes 7 to 9 years to produce that is distributed in months with virtually no testing due to emergency measures that are still in place 3 years later, the producers are excempt from liability, producers will not share what is in it and when forced to want  50 years before they have to disclose REALLY.! Supply chains are broken unvaccinated truckers in Canada and US are banned from crossing the border but can travel 4500 miles through every province and state DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN ? that does not make sense ! And we can't forget the coersion and offerings if you will only take the inocculation, free beer, free joints, ice cream, pizza burgers and fries a chance to win a million $ in a lottery they even offered HOOKERS you name it they offered it NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE.Then came the money,OUT OFOUR POCKETS Hospitals paid if a patient is diagnosed with covid more if hospitalised, more if in ICU, and more if they DIED, People paid to not go to work even if they are not sick
Then we have the firings of Nurses and Doctors who had worked for a year with these patients fired in the middle of a so called pandemic because they want to know what would be injected into them. We now have a collapsing health care system,massive fereal debt just in time to raise interest rates on these young people with big mortgages to stop inflation from the printing of billions. You can not stop inflation from a supply shortage by raising rates, short supply high price!
Let me tell you its been a long 2 weeks to fatten the curve for a
And at the same time find out what happened to influenza the last 2 years it basically left the planet, it must have been afraid of getting covid
But now, now there is no more talk of a Pandemic of the unvaccinated they even stopped counting, but of course we have SADS sudden adult DEATH syndrome thats a new one to me and yes you can have a heart attack from a cold shower even if you are 17  but you will be the lucky one if you die in your sleep There is so much more, this is the Readers Digest version.
I wiil be busy this weekend we will be putting my father-inlaw in the ground
                                                        4 SHOTS !

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