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Written May 23, 2022 - Update On NIS/EW In Romania

Written May 23, 2022 - Update On NIS/EW In Romania
Sales of the Romanian subsidiary Gazprom, Nis Petrol Romania SRL, increased 2.5 times in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year despite geopolitical tensions and sanctions imposed by the European Union since the start of the war in Ukraine, on February 24, reveals data analyzed by Profit.ro. As a result of these increases, Romania has become the second largest foreign market for the Serbian NIS Petrol Group, controlled by Gazprom Neft, the oil division of the Russian state giant Gazprom, after Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over 21% of the proceeds from the sale of crude oil and petroleum products traded outside Serbia by the NIS Petrol group come from Romania. Nis Petrol Group's sales in Romania increased in the first three months of this year from 2.2 billion dinars (18.7 million euros) to 5.36 billion dinars (45.7 million euros). The sales of 45.7 million euros in the first quarter are equivalent to approximately 70% of the turnover registered by NIS Petrol Romania SRL in the whole year 2020 .
Compared to 2.5 times the increase in Romania, sales in Bosnia increased only 1.8 times, to 8.1 billion dinars, those in Bulgaria, only about 1.4 times, to 3.8 billion dinars , and those in the United Kingdom have tripled to 1.5 billion dinars. Sales in Croatia and Germany increased similarly to those in Romania, but the value of NIS Petrol sales in those markets is modest, half a billion dinars each. The company's sales in Serbia have doubled from $ 36 billion to $ 72 billion. The main contribution to the increase in NIS Petrol sales in Romania was a 7-fold increase in deliveries to third parties, from 367 million dinars (3.1 million euros) to 2.56 billion dinars (21.8 million euros) . According to the company, NIS Petrol owns 19 fuel distribution stations in Romania and has a total market share of 2.7%, of which 1.5% on the retail market .
At the same time, the trading division of the Serbian group, NIS jsc Novi Sad, is active in the energy markets of Serbia (SEEPEX) and Romania (OPCOM), according to the report on the group's results for the first quarter of this year. Given the modest revenues from the sale of electricity outside Serbia, of only 170 million dinars (about 1.5 million euros), most of the revenues in Romania probably come from the sale of petroleum products. The Serbian group claims that it invested 32 billion dinars in the first quarter of this year, 70% in exploration and production, most of which in its concessions in Romania. NIS Petrol Romania has in its portfolio six oil and gas perimeters on the Romanian territory, all having the status of operator . There are four concessions for exploration-development and exploitation activities in partnership with the Canadian company East West Petroleum (two in Bihor County - EX-2 Tria and EX-3 Băile Felix and two in Timiș County - EX-7 Periam and EX-8 Biled ). A fifth concession is held in partnership with Zeta Petroleum and Armax Gaz, respectively the oil development and exploitation concession in the perimeter of DEE V-20 Jimbolia, Timiș County. The sixth concession for exploration-development-exploitation activities is also located in Timiș County, in the EX-12 Crai Nou perimeter. In 2019, NIS ad Serbia (the company that owns the Pancevo and Novi Sad refineries) has signed a contract with the national crude oil and condensate transport system operator, Conpet, which aims to transport crude oil to the Serbian border. extract from the Romanian subsidiary NIS Petrol from the leased perimeters in the west of the country . In the report for the first quarter of this year, CONPET states that it has provided crude oil, gasoline and condensate transport services based on contracts concluded with traditional customers: OMV Petrom SA, Petrotel LUKOIL SA, Rompetrol Rafinare SA, but also with new customers: Standard Logistic doo, Serinius Energy Romania SA and NIS Petrol SRL .

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