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Tuesday's Action

What do you think led to today's rebound off of yesterday's lows? Why are all the brokerage houses lifting their risk assessment for ARNA? Did Amit reveal that ARNA small molecules are cleaner than any other in this class reinforcing their potential best in class statement for Etrasimod?

Biotech can drag on forever but it moves fast when something changes. There was really no news on todays increase. The volume was twice that of a normal trading day. Many investors believe the stock is still yet undervalued. Considering the cash on hand, potential milestone payments and potential residuals from Relinepag ARNA is in the catbird seat. However, we've been here for a while....what changed?

I think I have a partial handle on the most viable explanation. Tomorrow will tell another story and things may change again. For now lets hear it......anyone have an explanation for Tuesday's action?

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