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This coming week....

My foot work to this point has been pretty good. ARNA has had some issues but not in its science. Management (Lack there of) of trials seems to have left investors with a +25% deficit in one week. This lost wealth falls on the shoulders of one very highly compensated individual. He should own it or resign. Show some class you haven't done your job due to other interests. The damage caused requires action. How many more times can investors absorb your mistakes? Sell the company or fall on your sword but do something honorable.

This week is totally unpredictable. ARNA needs to reestablish credibility with Wall Street. Moving onto phase III with clear skin results is the color we need to introduce hope to the market. While you're talking about it explain the trial mishap and how much better results would have been if trial results weren't mismanaged. Then take the blame and focus on shareholders......or you could resign. Maybe you could hide out and wait for the knock on the door from the people asking questions. If your plan is to focus and do the job you are paid to do ....expose details and explain how this will never happen again.

If the science of "E" is allowed to shine.... I for one anticipate a recovery with truth in ownership. If we don't get the admission this stock could stumble around until institutional investment gives way to short interest and additional market manipulation. This is a major issue and reputations on Wall Street are hard to repair. Its has to be this week & not after the break starts to heal with a deformity .........This is one mans opinion and not investment advice.

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