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Pennies, Nickels & Dimes

The heart of the matter concerning this stock is that it has been so under valued for so long that its nearly lost its way in the market. The powers that be know its true value and the confusion surrounding its current somewhat unsettling position will come unraveled. When this will happen is unknown but for sure it will happen.

Biotech is cast in stone to be uncertain. The factors surrounding its ability to clearly define its certainty can only be influenced by the temperment of its leadership. The focus of that leadership to respect the shareholders providing the opportunity through their investment will promote stock value. Without commitment in that direction the science may survive but the separation between it and its management destroys true value. In a life time of investing I've never seen this case to be more true.

For our science to only be worth 1/2 the market cap and to have a billion dollars in cash with no debt and that market cap to only be worth a little more than 2 billion dollars.... its a screaming deal of a stock to be bought out. Go a head let time tick away & watch the future value escape your affordability.

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