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Re: arna soars on jpm analysis. eom

"Arna could have easily been down 4%+ and lost its support with a mkt like yesterday." .....I admit it didn't go to the slaughter house as markets got slammed. This stock is consolidated and once again you can't compare it to the broader market. We've (ARNA) done a terrible job protecting our stock in trade per value. JPM stepped up and timed the upgraded release very well....makes you wonder who would have been hurt (besides typical shareholders) under a certain PPS. We're at a ridiculous market cap for having a +20 year old fully funded R&D company with access to at least 2 best in class drugs and an approved fast track.

Wait for read outs....sure. However, Bio is speculation and value in that speculation per qualified risk. The research to this point is showing a high very positive direction for extremely clean targeted small molecule development with multiple applicable indications. Previous efforts to secure competitive representation in these markets gave way (in purchase) to 4x our current market cap.

If someone wants to use the word soars.......lets make sure it applies. In this case I'd say it was merely buoyed.

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