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The following message was updated on 9/16/2021 2:23:43 PM.

Where is Eatshits???

Where are the dynamic duo imploring readers to read the BSGM private Board for serious investors?
With last sale $2.78 where are the "adding here" posts?

I miss the long copy n pasted posts from boiler room Robbie heralding the CEO who has delivered on every promise, who would not do business with Wall St thieves, and who has assembled the best small cap management team that Robbie has ever seen in his decades of investing.
Car guy never failed to remind readers that he was once a CEO/CFO of multibillion dollar companies. As such I am sure he must find it obscene the conflicts of interest at the BSGM executive and Board level.
How can a microcap like BSGM pay its Board members $500k, $700K and last year BSGM paid TWO Board members over $1.2million each!
The avg Board member compensation for the Fortune 500 is approx $275K per year. BSGM has no sales and continues to dilute shareholders through endless secondary's but pays executives and Board $millions.
The conflicts of interest, the obscene compensation. the missed timelines , the broken and failed efforts and the lack of any shareholder concern is every bit as troubling as ZIOP.

Cmon Eatshits - man up! Stock falls apart and you disappear- COWARD! Where's your boy king pumper charlatan?

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