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The following message was updated on 9/15/2021 11:16:29 AM.

BSGM - been about a month since my last post

Back then pps BSMG was $2.80 right about where it is today.
Since then NO PureEp SALES reported.
But a few days ago BSGM issued a PR announcing another installation in Boston with the stated goal of -
" aiming to assess the PURE EP(tm) System during a series of physiologic pacing procedures."
EVERYBODY understand what assess means? Still trying to figure out its value and utility. After 3 years FDA cleared and they are still trying to figure out what good it does.

Still unable to sell these devices BSGM continues to "install" free of charge PureEp at another hospital.

The company will not offer any sales or revenue guidance - several have tried. The company refuses to hold a quarterly earnings conference call which is standard operating procedure for any public company. But especially so for a public company that had FDA clearance and allegedly has sales. WHY??? There is absolutely no excuse not to hold quarterly calls and conduct a Q&A.
CEO should explain to shareholders exactly why this highly paid sales and marketing team cant sell PureEp in any meaningful numbers. Why the selling price of the few sold is so low, what the pipeline looks like, offer some sales guidance, why the incredibly long delays in meeting sales projections etc etc etc.
On August 4 2020 (13 months ago) BSGM PR stated Mass General had a PureEp installed. Still no purchase?
The day before on Aug 3 2020 BSGM issued a PR to announce they were "awarded" a CAGE number so they could sell MMPD to the government. Rc said it so the USA and G20 could stockpile MMPD. Friggin riot!!!!

Over on the BullCrap ONLY private BSGM Board for "serious investors" someone copy and pasted the recent PR. Eatshits and robbieCar-guy both recommended the post. friggin hysterical.

The serious investor understands that PureEp received FDA clearance 3 years ago. Dozens have been installed and used at several hospitals EP labs. Data has been presented now twice. BSGM has appeared and presented at numerus conferences and conventions including several HRS conventions. BSGM has an experienced and Sales manager and continues to hire regional sales people.
With all this they have 2 contracts.
On the serious investors only board there has been no discussion of the data. WHY? When The SEC 10Q was release itt is chock full of details regarding cash burn, compensation, conflicts of interest, financings and lack of progress.
There has not been a single post on that Board about any of it.
Serious investors my ass!

Recall this was boiler room robbies best small cap he had seen in his decades of investing. Took all his smartest investors to meet Londoner and team. CEO delivered on every promise and after HRS he said "30 hospitals ready to buy".
Havent seen a single "adding here" over on the bullcrap serious investors board.

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