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Re: FnG

I see and read the positive posts along with the negative posts. My issue is that you 3 want to attack the messengers more then their bullish message. Let me say that there is NO ONE that knows the specifics of the test scripts why or how. There is NO ONE that knows if they are good or bad at this point. I can guarantee you that. Im sure there are certain circumstances that might make people think one way or another but at this point nothing is guaranteed.

I donít question the size on this trial because I donít have enough information nor do you or anyone else commenting on the size and script it. My belief with the experienced team assembled and their meetings with the FDA in this pandemic the steps being taken is in good hands. I am also confident that there is continued ongoing discussions if/when certain changes might be made or should be made especially if there is positive efficacy. Would you agree to that?

As far as the low bar theory. I donít consider it a low bar. Again I believe and trust Zeldis and Spring and the discussions with the FDA that the trial being executed is what the DMB will review to provide appropriate information for the FDA to make decisions on what future steps are needed to help patients. I strongly disagree with you that the basis of your low bar theory is just to get something approved,( if that is what you are saying.) MMPD either works or it doesnít. If there is a reduction in viral load with this study no matter what the percentage is, even at 15 or 20% it probably could be approved. My guess is that its going to be in the 60 to 75% in humans based on the small molecule activity in vitro. It is safe to take and does not have any real side affects. Low Bar is insignificant.

I am also in the north east and have friends and family with the virus. It is definitely true that it has the potential to affect everyone a little differently. But I disagree with the blanket statement that most get better. Yes its true after 6 months that hospitals have gotten EXTREMELY better in HANDLING patients. They have gotten smarter and have been able to accumulate data from existing databases on how to treat more effectively. But your statement can ring true for any treatment. Heart surgeons get better at heart surgery the more patients they treat. Not much of a difference here.

As far as the underlying conditions I am assuming that some of the trial design was based on the REM trial since it is initial a combo trial. But either way I trust Zeldis, Spring and the FDA. So if you think IPHAWK is correct that the trial was meant to succeed then you have to believe that the stock is going to go up. Can you agree to that?? Your feelings for the bull board folks should have no influence on this.

God I am hoping for a PR blitz when positive results are released. The stock has the potential to easily triple if the results are outstanding. (I ultimately like to make money). But I strongly disagree with you that after results are hopefully positive, that BSGM will ultimately be paying or need a bunch more money. I would expect a large BARDA grant and MANY offers on the table. You honestly cant believe the Biosig will continue to run a drug development company long term.

If you remember initially my interest in Biosig is because I had heart surgery. I also have friends and family that have had multiple ablation surgeries. My company that I sold is my real experience in Pharma/Biotech. I developed and sold products to most major companies that do drug development. After I sold I became interested in Biosig after a friend of mine who works for Medtronic told me about the company. With a lot of free time on my hands I did some real DD on them. There are some things I like that they do ( I believe the Pure EP works I believe Neuroclear can be even bigger then that) And there are some things I donít like. Yes the raises have been a sticking point the last CC I thought was a waste and some of the board members I think dont pull their weight. But with pluses and minuses the pluses come out on top. And with a measly 180m cap and still low share count the upside might be huge. I appreciate the positive dialog and I hope that you go long on the stock. It would be a nice surprise if you posted something positive about the company if/when results are good and take personal issues out of the equation. Your posts would be easier to read.
Good luck with your investments and have a Happy 4th.

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