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great article, but....

I have followed this interesting molecule and POS company since the run from $1 to $8 where I bailed at $7.50ish. I have never read the following...

<Around 2016, CytoDyn began investigating the use of leronlimab for graft-versus-host-disease (GvHD), However, that program was eventually terminated owing to downstream effects.>>

I have mentioned this here on the board, they can know what it does but likely don't know all of the side effects of doing it, now we hear the truth about what they don't know when the CCR5 is blocked.

<<three cardiac events occurred within a few weeks of on another—two in a COVID-19 trial in Brazil and one in an HIV trial. The former occurred in high-risk patients, for which cardiovascular events are one of the sequelae of the disease. Certain illicit chemicals found in the HIV patient are thought to have been the cause of the cardiovascular event seen there.

The FDA requested that CytoDyn address five discreet items. Three have been submitted to the agency, and the other two should be submitted shortly. The FDA will then have 30 days to review the information and will hopefully lift the hold.

Once that is taken care of, we plan to go out and raise financing to fund operations.>>

Wow, that is a mouth full of shite and then followed by more financial dilution, again. Then there is the long term drug complications, can they turn it off if things go sideways? I doubt it.

<<There is always a benefit to being able to switch treatment regimens quickly, so a very-long-acting version might not be the best in the oncology setting.>>

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