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Biotech Noobie

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Re: Post On Background

Sorry Kilroy, while I generally agree with many of your posts we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this one.
Joe Spiegel’s is well known for supporting investors that short stocks. This is well known and has been well documented by several sources. They do not care how they distort the facts, take them out of context or plain out tell lies. They will do everything possible to drive the share price down. No savvy investor relies on what they say as investment advice  - they would be misguided at best, possibly worse.
IPHawk might as well have prefaced his post by saying “This is what Adam Feuerstein has to say” because he and Spiegel are a known tag team duo. 
Do you really think it was serendipitous that nearly 6 million shares of stock were offloaded today, at the same time that the BuyersStrike piece was published and people were bashing Nader on ALL the message boards? It was a coordinated short attack in an attempt to sway last minute voters before tomorrow’s annual meeting.
I do think Nader is proving himself to be more and more incompetent in his role with each passing day. I would however prefer to have him and Scott Kelly shepherding Leronlimab to the finish line (any finish line actually) as opposed to any of the 13D team who I perceive to be a group of deceitful thieves who will fleece us first chance they get.
The facts remain that a person who admittedly has no financial interest in CYDY and who rarely posts on this board shows up the day a massive short attack is going on to direct us to read the hit piece that a known short supporter has posted is in my humble opinion a little suspect.
I have no intention of issuing an apology for calling it like I see it.

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