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Re: National Securities View

 I think they were betting that U.S. domestic acceptance would bring in foreign companies as egg buyers.
 Egg selling is no longer the business plan, until "concept is proved". However, if the Liberal party of Canada wins, they will force Canadian Pacific "Atlantics" operations inland by 2025. Currently the industry has declared that it is "reviewing" what to think about AQB's approvals. I live in Canada and I think they my squeeze through in this election. I ideologically hate this prospect, but it may work out well for AQB.
Unfortunately, the benefit of using AQB eggs may be challenged by large scale operations over 10,000 MT achieving economies of scale. Hence, AQB will have to convince small farmers with empty barns to convert them to between 1000 and 5000 MT operations to get some decent margins without the scale required for conventional ops. 
AQB could be as disruptive as fracking was for oil (unless it really is more like the Canadian oil sands...which it may actually be.) 

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