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Msg  7855 of 7866  at  9/1/2022 2:06:27 PM  by


Stooler---cut moveuplots some slack....

....because he's absolutely right.
Colorado could reverse the priorities of water rights and make it so storage rights would reign supreme over surface rights---making surface right worthless. Colorado could forgive the debt and allow Two Rivers to keep their Orlando Dam. Colorado could tell Kansas and Oklahoma to pound sand, and no longer give them 40% of the flow of the Arkansas River basin. The eastern slope of Colorado could reverse decades of drought and flood all their rivers, making no need for the farmers to exercise their higher priority water rights (Global climate change donchya know). Financiers could overlook TURV's past of default after default, failure after failure, and the criminal history of the CEO and COB. TURV could suddenly have their myriad subsidiaries emerge from BK with all their assets and no debt.
Since you can't even get a quote now, you could just get a list of stockholders and contact them to say that you are willing to take all their shares in exchange for a few rolls of Charmin (doesn't even have to be the more expensive Ultra). And then TURV can either re-register the shares or voluntarily issue new shares to the bag-holders.
Damn straight it could happen. Stranger things have happened. Because I've watched Outer Limits and Twilight Zone, and seen "Stranger Things" on Netflix. Yup, it could happen.

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