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Msg  7294 of 7310  at  9/24/2020 12:22:10 PM  by


Read this from Gare....

 ...and see for yourself what a friggin' idiot he is:

12/4/18: What if we had a Board member with water rights expertise??? (opps we now do!!)

What if we had a Board member that had a finance background to help smooth the way for one or two strategic partners??? (opps we now do!!) What if we secure a loan to rebuild the dam??? ;);):):). What if we had a strategic partner that had the expertise to take hemp from seed to CBD extraction??? ;);):):). What if we had a lessee to maximize the green house operation??? ;);):):) IMHO, in a short time all of my "what ifs" will become......."opps we now do".

21/19: I bought more shares today based on the rumor a deal is close and what I believe will be a great future for TURV going forward. Here is my list: Current outstanding loans may be consolidated or paid off. Cash infusion for operating expenses including costs to plant a current hemp crop. Obtaining long term financing to rebuild and complete the dam for future water sales and to provide water to increase the hemp acreage to maximize all 2000 + acres. To position the new TURV to be listed on a major stock exchange. To position the new TURV to possibly be acquired by a major company in the future.

3/5/19: TURV sits at .20c a share based on the impending partnership closing. The next leg up should come once there is financing in place. Carl at IR correctly called the partnership and I believe him that financing is coming soon as well.....maybe even in the next few weeks. I am hoping the financing will be large enough to consolidate the current debts, pay for the dam to rebuilt, operating expenses for this growing season and maybe a couple of million dollars in the bank in reserve. Once the financing is obtained the company should never look back at this .20c share price gift being given at the moment. IMHO. I'm excited to see all that takes place between now and the April 15th deal finalization.

3/6/19: Regarding any future financing, I would venture to guess that any lenders would be thrilled with 8-10% interest paid out of the earnings of a profitable company...…..IMHO not one share of common stock will be issued to a lender and there will be far too much value in the completed dam to require anything other than a standard loan agreement.

3/11/19: I have done my research on the value of a completed dam. I have also listened to the estimates to complete the dam and I have decided that it is very possible for someone to lend $15-$20 million dollars on a potential $200 million dollar finished asset if there was a way to repay the loan. It is my belief the sale of hemp will provide the profitability to repay the loan.....its as simple as that for me. The old management was not able to produce a profit, so now they have been replaced by a company and a management team that seems to have a plan to make TURV profitable.

3/30/19: It is my understanding that 150-200 acres of hemp will be planted in May and harvested in the Fall.

4/8/19: I mean the three companies that are being acquired are profitable and well managed by Mr. Greg Harrington. Is there any "Google" or other evidence that suggests that Mr. Harrington has mismanaged anything?

5/4/19: We will be looking for a loan backed by assets at a reasonable interest rate (10% or less) that does not require the issuance of stock. We will also be looking at the terms of repayment....fully amortized? 5-year balloon payment or ?? IMHO, the financing package will be critical to TURV's future sustained growth going forward. Will TURV have the time and proper financing to actually plant the 180-200 acres of hemp that has been suggested could be done this planting season. This is not absolutely critical but in my mind, will add comfort to us as shareholders going forward that we have a sustained operating company that has the ability to repay its loan.

5/23/19: I believe the financing will be an amortized loan with an interest rate below 10%....why wouldn't it be, it will be secured by a dam and water resources in excess of $200 million IMHO.

6/13/19: With the exception of TTC, there are only two of us here on this Board that really understand TURV's future plans. Both of us were on the original conference call last year when Turv's future plans were discussed. Anyone else on this Board giving their "2 cents" are just speculating. We have the facts, we have the contacts and we have the relationships.

8/5/19: I agree that John Stroh is an honorable man and I don't consider him part of the failed past. John is one of the most knowledgeable contacts about planting and the water resources. One of my main contacts in the area is a good friend of his and that is where I am getting some of my updates. To bring some comfort to the Board, John is in charge of the planting. I have asked and I am hoping that another contact I have in the area will be driving down this week and taking a few more updated pictures.

8/17/19: I am just getting to know GH. I find him a bit like myself. He is vision driven, goal oriented, self assured to the point of arrogance and after yesterday, I believe willing to look at and change his attitudes regarding his perceptions of shareholders. In other words, GH is teachable. GH has quite frankly inherited a mess and he hasn't been in charge long enough for me to form a lasting opinion. My sense is his drive to be successful will end up benefiting all of us down the road.

9/10/19: I heard a forward projection of $500,000 revenue off the processing and sale of 20,000 hemp plants growing in Butte Valley. The harvest of these plants will occur in October, 2019.

10/2/19: I'd say the timeline for action on the water assets is six months (the timeline for the newest loan to be repaid). By then we should know what GH's plans are for out the water assets or sell the water rights. I think your obsession with the loans is misplaced, especially should there be a sale of water rights. If those rights are sold, even carving out irrigation rights to the 1100 irrigable acres, the sale would more than pay for all of the liabilities on the balance sheet.

10/4/19: I remained convinced TURV's future will center around their extensive water rights which a former TURV board member says can never be duplicated in Colorado or possibly anywhere in the Western United States. I remain in my TURV investment because of the value of their water. Whether developed or sold, these water rights net of company debt, are worth more than the .17-.20c the stock is currently trading for. That is my opinion only.

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