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Re: Foreign oil companies

 BJ, Llyod did not tell me they were looking for more Canadian properties.  Perhaps I didn't make myself clear.  In any even, you are right about the moron in the White House.  Ideally the most ignorant person in America and the president of the United States would not be the same person.
If Trump had not pulled out of the TPP, we would not be in the fix we are with China.  Clearly China was cheating and stealing our technology but Trumps go it alone policy was the exact wrong way to go.

Obama’s TPP Would’ve Helped Limit China

The passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership would have hamstrung, to some degree, many of China’s larger ambitions that are now in the works: Belt and Road Initiative, Made in China 2025, possibly some of the expansion in the South China Sea, their own trade negotiations with the nations that were part of TPP, etc.

As for as the Tea Party, they is a defining silence coming from them about the deficit that they were screaming about under Obama.  At least Obama had an excuse fro deficit spending to bring us out of a recession.  Trump's tax cuts, the first ever in an economic boom, gave us a sugar high for a year or two and will show over trillion dollar defeicit for the next 10 years.  He and Larry Kudlow who used to play an economist on TV claimed they would balance the budget in 2 years and pay off the nation debt in 8.
The Tea Party is being exposed for the frauds we all knew they were.  The Republican Party is now in the complete control of Trump. 

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