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Re: Sangamo's current strategic plan

"Simply cold realities"... yes, and in that vein, let's consider some of the related cold, hard realities:

* SGMO has been trying to monetize Fabry (and CAR-Tregs) since the April restructuring was announced more than 6 months ago... back then, they had $241M, there was no immediate liquidity urgency, and they were soliciting from a position of relative strength for a Fabry program advertised as best-in-class with compelling data for a sure-to-be a medicine

* now, for all intents and purposes, it's Jan 2024 and there's still no partner... but with Cash down to ~$70M, a liquidity crisis is now looming and there's been no mention of any "compelling data" data to be presented at the WORLD update in early Feb... clearly the company needs to do a deal ASAP but SM likely would not accept any bid without a substantial upfront partnership or a fully-funded buyout... that would likely risk a shareholder class action after all his prior grandstanding

* but what about a buyer's perspective... they know the path to potential approval will be long and arduous; and if they have to milk the cow, why give the cream to SGMO... indeed, they would want to structure any deal will little upfront and back-end loaded milestones contingent on successes

* IOW, there might be an interested buyer, but not on SGMO's terms... meanwhile, SGMO has not filed for a reverse split and there's zero likelihood of an equity raise for SGMO to bridge the gap and resolve that impasse

but "where there's a will, there's a way"... and I expect some creative financial engineering could likely pave that way, which could satisfy both buyer and seller (but unfortunately may not be in the best interests of shareholders)

and ditto all of the above for the CAR-Tregs program, with the caveat of potential French regulatory issues

SM has made this bed and his shareholders have to sleep in it... and now the clock is inexorably ticking towards midnight

and Bioimmuno, none of the above is investment advice nor a buy/sell/hold recommendation... and it's certainly not fact-based but there are no misrepresentations... it's all just IMHO

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