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Sangamo's current strategic plan

the Nov Restructuring announced "additional progress towards strategic transformation into neurology-focused genomic medicine company."

The restructuring included ~40% reduction in US workforce (with $8-10M in Q4 one-time costs) and deferred any new investment in Fabry and CAR-Treg programs until financing from partnership and/or direct investment is secured.

As a result, 2024 non-GAAP Operating Exp is guided to $135M (high end), with the run-rate down to $100M in 2H 2024

9/30/23 Cash was $132M ($0.74/share)... my estimated YE Cash will be ~$70M ($0.40/share) with company guidance for a "runway into 3Q 2024"

financing to sustain 2024 operations is expected from Fabry, CAR-Tregs, and Hemo A... with upfronts (or investments) in Fabry and CAR-Tregs expected in 1H 2024 and Hemo BLA milestones in 2H 2024

and then additional milestones and royalties to be earned in 2025 and beyond to finance the "new SGMO", a neurology-focused genomic medicine company.

and just to be clear, Captain Obvious would note that all of those potential proceeds go to the company; not to its shareholders... shareholders are still invested 100% in the old SGMO, i.e. the new CNS focused company

essentially, that appears to be Plan A... but as a reality check, when has SGMO ever met its plan ?

and that's why investors need to know Plan B... but SM has never mentioned one

me, I have a pretty good idea what Plan B might look like and I've previously shared some of those considerations... 'nuf said from me :-)

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